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Why Butler Law Firm Is All You Need For Your DWI Charge

Do you have DWI (Driving While Drunk) charges? defending them is our uttermost priority. Are you anxious about what could happen next? We can help you relieve your tension. The Butler Law Firm is a law-based enterprise, that is focused on dealing with your cases when you are in dire need of our services. 

Jim Butler has worked as a licensed advocate for a good 24 years. He owns the criminal law office that is situated in Houston. He has managed to successfully get his clients out of prison, where they could risk losing their sources of income, causing themselves, as well as their families, to go through financial dwindles and mental disturbances. Jim is currently handling 100% of cases for DWI. He will try his best to help his client solve issues in the most convenient way that would minimize damage. He commits all his time for cases such as these. However, Jim never advocates for drunk driving habits but is aware that many people are mistakenly arrested, and this is his motivation to become a devoted DUI lawyer

Any person who has been charged with DWI issues should know how expensive the offense is. The affected parties should hence find a Houston lawyer that deals entirely with defending such cases. Whoever is caught for a DWI offense can face unpleasant consequences: Your driver’s license may be revoked, your family may fallout, your employment may be terminated, or face imprisonment. Your driving license is taken when you do nothing, for 40 days since you were charged. When your driver’s license is revoked, you might incur additional costs like paying for public transport to go to work, spending much money in attending to your errands, while going shopping, and while attending to other family commitments. Jim Butler has the experience, for those facing such charges. When you are arrested for such a crime is not the end, but just the beginning of a process that does not end soon. Besides, when you are charged with the crime, it is not the final result. The law only concerns itself with technical and conviction issues, fines, license loss, and being jailed. All of these are non-automatic. Therefore, it is advisable to get a renowned attorney, to walk you through the entire legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected.

The Butler Law Firm is what you need for your legal solutions. It has the prowess to enable both DWI and DUI offenders to have the desired chance of achieving a worthwhile outcome. His experience is a resourceful tool to resolve your issues. You can call or email.

The consultation is free. You can call Jim Butler immediately, on (713) 236-8744, to discuss your case details, for a favorable outcome. Don’t hesitate, call today.

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Mr. Butler owns the office for Houston-built criminal law. He will undertake every task doable under the rule to solve the matter in the finest possible means for his customer. Call them now and consult at liberty. 

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