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Defending Your DWI Charges Is Our Top Priority

In case you have been served with a DWI, there is still a chance to put a smile back on your face with the intervention of the Butler Law Firm. No need to worry, Jim Butler takes up your DWI case and makes it a top priority until justice is served on you. The DWI charge is such a serious offense and can lead to serious implications if not handled by a competent lawyer.

Jim Butler is such an experienced and competent attorney in Houston who has been in practice for over 24 years now. Defending your DWI charges is the top priority in Butler Law Firm. Jim Butler specializes in DWI charges so as to give these type of cases maximum attention to enhance the best outcome as anticipated by clients.

When you are charged with DWI, there are slim chances of retaining your job if you are a driver, you experiencing difficulties while commuting to and from work, arriving late at work, kids and the entire family will have to reschedule their time schedule when they start depending on public transport to move around to work, shopping and school for the kids. To avoid all these changes and overcome the challenges when faced with a DWI, the Butler Law Firm is committed to defending your DWI charges since it is a top priority.

When someone charged with DWI, Jim Butler believes this does not necessarily mean you are guilty of the offense, and through this legal firm, your innocence can be proved and your right to justice defended. You just need to trust the experience in this law firm to use their techniques and bring back your confidence on the road to you through a legal process.

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The DWI charge is a serious offense that even leads to your license being rendered null, its suspension of use, and worse, cancellation where you may not be able to use it in the future. These issues around your driving license can be sorted by the client’s top priority DWI Law firm in Houston headed by Jim Butler. You can call us immediately you need us and we embark on your case to liberate you without hesitation.

Considering the fact that the law is actually some technicalities, fines, and even some convictions, all these are subject to change with the intervention of Butler when his long experience in defending your DWI charges is applied.

Consider working with us on your DWI charge liberation journey and you will be happy at the end of it all. Your right to remain on the road will be securely defended and will have no cause to worry even with a DWI.

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The Butler Law Firm defends you and ensures that you retain the driving license even when charged with a DWI.

You will definitely be accorded quality and timely service, call Butler Law Firm.

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