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Are you charged with DWI? Unaware of what to do next? That should no longer bother you.

For the past 24 years, Jim Butler is a permitted lawyer. Through the help of Butler, various clients have gained his support in being released from prison where they would have been rendered jobless, and as a result, their families would have undergone financial and mental suffering. Currently, Jim deals with cases that are 100% DWI that is, driving while intoxicated. All his time is now fully dedicated to these sorts of issues. Jim disapproves of drinking while driving. However, various guiltless victims are unnecessarily facing the accusation and arrest of it and which is the main reason why Jim chose to be a DWI lawyer. 

To get a free consultation from Jim, all you have to do is contact him (713) 236-8744. 

You should know of the gravity of DWI charges, that is, in case you receive such an offense. The first step that the victim follows is looking for an attorney in Houston, who only deals with DWI cases. Severe consequences will meet the offender of DWI if charged liable.

The consequences met include; the revocation or suspension of the driver’s license, a fall-out of their family, losing their job, and may even face a jail term. For 24 years, the law firm of Butler has Jim Butler as a licensed lawyer and deals with the DWI cases. You may choose to call or to send us an email today. Facing DUI charges is just part of the initial process. Facing an offense does not state the final result. The law consists of technical problems and conviction, apprehension, losing license, fines, and neither of them is automatic. An experienced attorney is what you need to help you attain the favorable opportunity of a good result and to ensure you go through the proper channels of the law processes and to defend your rights.

To ensure the victims facing DUI charges have the positive side and a victorious result, The Butler Law Firm has the required experience to defend all their rights through the proper law channels. For a consultation that is free of charge, consider reaching out to Mr. Butler as soon as possible and talk about the information of your charges. 

Jim has all the experience you need to win the case, so don’t hesitate to reach out today

DWI charges can bring a massive impact on your life and that of your household and also your employees. Moreover, you might include the expense of public transport for getting to your workplace and shopping for other activities involving the family. If you don’t do anything, your license with undergoes a 40 days suspension after facing the charge. 

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The office of criminal law that is in Houston is under the ownership of Mr. Butler. Mr. Butler does all that he can in his power, following what is stated by the legislation to reach a positive conclusion for you. Reach out to them immediately to get a consultation that is free of charge.