The Best DWI Defense Attorney, & DUI Attorney In Shadow Creek Ranch, TX

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are one of the leading law firms in the country, that deals with driving while intoxicated cases. Whenever you are charged with the DWI case, you should never freak out, as there are people out there who can help you get an acquittal. We take great pride in the success that we have achieved over the years with the case that we have been in charge of. There should never be an exemption with your case.

We are committed to helping you get a fair trial, even when you were caught red-handed, as we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Do not waste any more of your time, contact us today via our number which is (713) 236-8744 and we will right away start preparing your defense in earnest.

We give you high-quality services

Our main mission here at Jim Butler Law Firm is to ensure that all our clients get a fair trial. That is why all the services that we offer, are geared towards the welfare of our clients. We will do everything possible to ensure that you get an acquittal, as we never want you to be incarcerated, fined, or even losing your driving license.

Once you contact us we start right away preparing your defense after we have understood the circumstances, which led to your charge. After we have made sure we have the necessary defense, we will then start getting the evidence to use in your case. As if that is not enough, we also process the documents that you will require to be deposited in courts. This is very important as it helps your case to progress without any hitch thus saving your time and energy. We also will represent you in court, so that we can present your defense. We here at Jim Butler Law Firm never abandon you on the way; we walk with you through thick and thin to ensure your success.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are not your ordinary law firm as we take great attention to the interests of our clients. As such we always strive to ensure that we offer high-quality services to our clients at all times. This has in turn gone a long way in propelling us to the number one law firm position in the country.

Besides that, we work with the best team of attorneys who have specialized in driving while intoxicated charges, who go out of the way to ensure that our clients get the best out of their case. Whenever you choose Jim Butler Law Firm to be your legal representation in your DWI charge, you increase your chances of getting a good outcome.

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