The No. 1 DUI Offense Attorney and Criminal Defense Attorney In Aliana, TX

In case you are feeling lost out because you do not where to run to after being charged with driving while intoxicated, you should not even flinch because the answer to your problems is a few miles from you.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are your ideal law firm when it comes to driving while intoxicated charges, as that, is what we have specialized in. We fully understand how hard the case may be to you and your family and that is the reason we do all that we can do to ensure that it is processed fast so that you can get out of the fix. With the punishments of driving while intoxicated charge being incarceration, losing your driving license and being fined, we here at Jim Butler Law Firm always strive for your acquittal. All you need to do is give us a call via (713) 236-8744 and we will process your case right away.

We offer high-quality services

Our aim here at Jim Butler Law Firm is to ensure that we satisfy the needs of our clients, who have been charged with driving while intoxicated. This means that the interests of our clients are our own and that is the reason why we strive hard to ensure that offer high-quality services to them.

Our services revolve around driving while intoxicated charges as that are what we have been able to specialize in. once you let Jim Butler Law Firm be your representative in your DWI case, we will craft a defense for you using the expertise and experience that we have been able to amass over the years. After we have made sure that your defense is spot on, we will then prepare all the documents that are required for your case to be processed, after which we will then represent you in the court of law. We here at Jim Butler Law Firm walk you through the mucky waters of the DWI charge until we make sure that the rulings are fair to you.

Why you should choose Jim Butler Law Firm

You never choose Jim Butler Law Firm just by chance, you choose us because you have opted to get the best services and representation for your case. We have over 24 years that we have been in the scene helped thousands of our clients be acquitted of their DWI charges and there is no reason why your case should be exceptional.

In addition, we work with the best driving while intoxicated lawyers of the land, which underlines why we have been able to achieve the high success rate with the cases that we have been in charge. Therefore, join our bandwagon today and let us help you secure an acquittal of your case.

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