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Ensuring That Your DWI is protected is One of Our Main Objective!!
Our Butler Law Company is purely DWI ensuring that we serve you when you need us most! Houston’s DWI Lawyer  Have you got a DWI? Are you feeling quite stressed not understanding clearly what can happen? We are here to make sure that all your stress is alleviated. We have been licensed for the past two decades. In addition, in Jim Butler, we offer reliable assistance to all our clients to get out of jail time where they could have got fired thus making their families suffer both financially and mentally. Also, Jim cases usually comprise 100% DWI and commit himself to such cases. He normally does not devote drunk driving but understands that some people get apprehended while innocent which is one of the core reasons why he became a DUI lawyer. You Can Make a Call Today by Dialing (713)236-8744 for a free consultation.  In case you get arrested for driving while drunk, you are recommended to be aware of heavy charges that you may incur. As an offender, you are advised to seek Houston Attorney limiting themselves to only DWI charges. In case you are found guilty, be aware of heavy charges and other serious consequences. Some of these consequences may include revocation of your driving license, family fall-out, Incarceration as well as employment termination. To easily get in touch with us, you are advised to call or email us today. If you currently having trouble with DWI, keep in mind that we have been serving for the past twenty-four years. However, being charged with a crime does not determine your final result because the law is just a matter of loss of license, being convicted, technical issues, incarceration, and fines. In order to have a positive outcome, you are recommended to get an attorney who is well experienced since he or she can help you navigate your way through using the legal process and also ensuring that all your rights are protected. Jim Butler Law Firm has all the experience that you need to make sure that you have the best chance of a positive outcome when charged with a DUI or DWI law offenses. Also, we ensure that all your rights are well protected. For a free consultation, you are recommended to contact Mr. Butler immediately in order to have a detailed discussion about your case. Do Not Delay since He has Enough Experience, Give a Call Today  Having a DWI case can highly affect your life as well as that of your family. Also, additional expenses can include public transport when getting to work as well as when leaving for other errands.
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Mr. Butler is the CEO of Houston based Criminal Law office and he will do his best to make sure that all his clients have the best.

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