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Meta Description: DWI is a serious offense and can cause serious damage to one’s finances and family relations. At our firm, we understand that. However, at times the penalty does not fit the crime. The article below explains why you should endorse us to keep you covered.


DWI is driving while being intoxicated and its consequences are dire. The result of this can lead to falling out with one’s families and finances. It is therefore important to be well equipped for the process. 

The Butler Law Firm is solely focused on defending you through this process. We comprehend that DWI charges can be stressful to the individual and everyone connected. With Jim Butler, The Butler Law Firm has a licensed advocate with vast experience. 

Here is a close look as to why you should choose us.

The Butler Law Firm has been at it for a while now. Our advocate, Jim Butler, has been a licensed attorney for 24 years. Jim Butler understands that many individuals are needlessly arrested even though he does not endorse driving under the influence.

Jim Butler’s consultation can be a life-changer to anyone facing such convictions.

Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm has devoted himself fully to such cases. Jim Butler can help you avoid jail time. With his experience, he knows the technicalities involved and how one does not necessarily lead to a conviction. 

The Butler Law firm increases your chases at a positive outcome and protection of rights so choose us. 

Contact us through email or get Jim Butler on his cell, (713) 236-8744. Within the region its your best chance at having a fairly smooth legal process.

At the Butler Law Firm, we understand that the legal process can wear out and individual. The technicalities that are associated with a serious offense as DWI can be stressful to an individual. You need a firm that works with you from the onset of the process to navigate the technical issues.

A DWI can lead to a conviction if not handled properly so consult our services today.

A DWI is a serious offense with many consequences

One consequence of DWI is the revocation of one’s license. This normally happens about 40 days after conviction and doing nothing. With Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm, you can defend your rights. You get to maintain your license which is useful for day to day activities.  

The other consequence is family fall-outs. It is directly related to either loss of employment due to DWI or incarceration. To avoid severe cases these contact us. 

Jim Butler of the Butler Firm is the contact person for such cases. As the owner, his taken upon himself to do everything possible to help you with your situation.

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