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The Butler Law Firm is a 100% DWI Focused Firm catering to Your Case when You need Us Most!

If you obtain a DWI offense ( driving while intoxicated), you should take note of the gravity of this charge. An offender should find a Houston lawyer that restricts themselves to a DWI defense only. When found guilty, a DWI offense can subject you to heavy repercussions.

The consequences can range from having your driving license suspended or revoked, family squabbles, losing your employment and possible jail time. If faced with a DWI, The Butler Law Firm of Jim Butler has a 24-year-old license. Call or send us an email. Being arrested for a DWI crime triggers the commencement of a lengthy procedure. A DWI criminal charge does not decide the final result. The topic of law consists of technical matters and conviction, fines, license loss, and detention. None of these is ever pre-programmed.  

To secure the best likelihood of a favorable result, you must find an experienced lawyer to assist you to steer your way properly through the legal procedure and safeguard your rights. The Butler Law Firm is experienced enough to ensure when charged with DWI, or DUI criminal offense, you gain the opportunity to have a viable outcome and this through the law procedures. We make sure all your rights are guarded in the process. Contact Mr. Butler as soon as possible to get a free forum to deliberate on the particulars of your case. He has the needed expertise to come to your aid. So do not hold back, call today. 

A DWI can significantly impact your life, that of your family’s and work. Extra costs can encompass public transit when going to work, embarking on chores, shopping, and other tasks of the family. Your license is suspended for 40 days commencing after the charge is created if nothing is done by you. Mr. Butler’s practice based in Houston has 24 years’ experience in the legal field. They can, therefore, assist you to gain a viable result that is suitable for your situation.

Mr. Butler owns this criminal law practice situated in Houston. Mr. Butler will carry out everything in his power within the confines of the law to solve the problem. This he does to help you get a positive outcome. Contact them as soon as possible for a free negotiation.

Jim Butler is a licensed lawyer and has 24 years of experience. He assists his clients to avoid possible incarceration where they can lose their work, creating for them and their families untold suffering mentally and financially. Jim’s cases now are 100% DWI(driving while intoxicated). All his time has been committed to these versions of cases presently.

 Although Jim is not a proponent of drunk driving, he believes many innocent people end up arrested unfairly. This is the prime factor that led him to become a DUI attorney.

Call him today, (713) 236-8744, and get a free reception!

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