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The Butler Law Firm is a law firm under an attorney named Jim Butler. The law firm and the attorney have been licensed for 24 years and fully focus on cases that feature the Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or the Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges.  

Houston’s DWI Lawyer comes to the aid of those facing DWI Charges and helps them out after they have contacted him on the number (713) 236-8744 that is free to consult. Aiming at helping clients and their families get relieved from financial and mental stress, Jim does his best to see them out of jail time especially where their jobs are on the line. 

Despite totally devoting his time to DWI cases, Jim does not advocate for drunk driving but he trusts many arrests made in this course are needless, something that has left the innocent suffering and this is the major cause for his decision to become a DWI lawyer so that he can stand by these innocent people. 

DWI offense brings serious charges against the offender and it gets escalated if found guilty of the charge. This can include suspension of one’s driving license, bad storms in the family and worse, termination of employment. It is appropriate to seek the services the Houston Attorney – Jim Butler – who limits himself to the defense of the DWI charged individuals. With his skills and experience, there is hope to obtain the best possible outcome on the DWI charges being faced. In addition, protecting your rights needs that you have a massive comprehension of the legal procedure because it is never still watered when it comes to committing a crime. It can be hard to get to the final point because of the technicality in play on the entire process with convictions, fines, losing a license and even incarceration. It is unfortunate that none of that happens easily or directly but only on acceptable legal terms.  

With no consultation fee needed, contacting Mr. Butler and completely detailing your case makes a good start because, through the process of the law, all rights are under protection. 

A DWI charge holds the power to disintegrate one’s life by a big measure. This can not only be about family but as highlighted above, work alike. If involved in the mix, one could forcibly use public means of transport to commute to his/her workplace, respond to emergency calls, shopping, and other family-related activities that could need the use of a car. This can be very inconvenient. With no action taken, license suspension kicks off 40 days after one has been charged and you have no reason to let six weeks elapse because reversing the situation is even tougher.

Therefore, taking action quickly and reaching out for help is your first step to getting out of trouble. 

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