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What is a DWI?

Some people may be very familiar with this concept whereas others may not. However, some point in life most people are likely to be slapped with one of this. A DWI simply refers to arriving while intoxicated charge. It is also popularly abbreviated as DUI. Such an offence causes individuals extreme headaches but there are ways of reducing this stress considerably. The best remedy to the above-mentioned stress would be assistance from the registered DWI defense attorney.

Butler Law Firm is one of the best Houston law firms that specializes with DWI charges. The firm has to its name a 24-year experience. The top shot at this firm Mr. Jim Butler is among the best there is when it comes to DWI defense. many people have escaped harsh DWI conviction measures all thanks to Jim Butler and his reputable firm. They have avoided jail terms conviction fines, license revocations and the consequent headache that comes with DUI charges. Mr. butler’s firm specializes on DWI cases not to glorify drunk driving but from understanding that a considerable population of people suffer unnecessarily from DWI arrests. The dedication and commitment of this firm descend from this understanding.

Top-Rated DUI & DWI Attorneys In Sunnyside, Texas

To start with the firms committed to ensuring that aspiring clients receive free advice concerning their cases simply by reaching Mr. butler via (713) 236-8744. So if you are not sure where to start from be sure to give Mr. Butler a call for direction. Mr. Butler assures us that it is very legal to drive home even after having a few drinks so long as your physical and mental faculties are in line.

Moreover, the authenticity of field sobriety tests has been regularly questioned especially since they can be influenced by factors other than intoxication such as nervousness tiredness and medical conditions. You do not want to compromise your near future by ignoring a DWI charge and hoping it will just go away. Taking such a charge lightly may be close to suicidal. Mr. Butler can inarguably play a very vital role in ensuring you avoid the nightmare that a DWI charge can become if left unattended. Once you get slapped with one contact a DWI defense attorney as soon as possible to avert all the trouble that the charge brings along.

Top Level DUI Attorneys

For commercial drivers, you suffer the risk of losing employment in the face of a DWI. Consequently, your family may find itself entangled in the same mess. individuals too are not excluded from this stressful mess. In some cases, you might be devastated once the outcome of your case demands you do some jail time. Butler Law Firm offers a solution to these and more DWI problems. Having been up and running for 24 years and manned by a real expert, Butler Law Firm s your best option whenever you need to resuscitate yourself from DWI noose threat. I am sure you do not want to pay ridiculously high conviction fines, lose your driving privileges or even worse end up in jail. Once you are arrested with a DWI offense now that it is the beginning of a complicated legal process.

However, do not despair thinking that your fate is already sealed once you are officially legally charged. The law is a process and with expert help you can earn yourself one of the positive outcome from the long list of outcomes available for your case. Hiring a competent DWI defense attorney like Mr. Butler will assure you that your rights are not infringed on throughout the suit. Moreover, you receive maximum legal interpretation of the process step by step. Experience and competence are vital components of any undertaking especially when it comes to dealings with the law. Fortunately for you these factors are the greatest virtues of the Butler Law Firm.

The firm is guaranteed to push for the best DWI charge outcome possible for your case. At the same time, you are assured that your rights are n safe hands under the protection of Mr. butler’s firm. Who better then to handle your case if not the Butler Law Firm. Do not delay till things get out of hand with your DWI charge. Hit Mr. Jim up and start your legal proceedings on the right note. What is even more comforting in fact is the fact that help is simply one call away. When can you be booed with a DWI charge? Some people are still stuck in the thinking that only a high blood alcohol level can earn your one of these. They are definitely not very well informed.

Drinking Under The Age of 21 Case Representation

The law imposes a DWI charge on you if one of its officers makes an observation that your driving ability seems impaired by intoxication. Such a conclusion can be reached at f you show any of the following tendencies: One such tendency that arrests many drivers is swerving to attempt to correct a vehicle’s course. Secondly, if you almost hit someone or something then do not be surprised if you find yourself in trouble. Erratic hitting of brakes is also not an uncommon mistake that can land you in the wrong side of the law. Moreover, if you turn too widely or narrowly you might also find yourself in trouble. Other mistakes that could also land you a DWI include rolling stop as well as drifting from one side to the other of the road.

A DWI arrest is followed by revocation of a driver’s privileges for a period of 3 months to a scary 2 years. Commercial drivers are required to take a breath test on the spot upon being arrested with a DWI. Noncompliance immediately earns them a 1-year suspension of their driving privileges. What an arresting officer is likely to do upon arresting you with a DWI s confiscating your driving license. In its place, you take home a temporary driving permit. Do not think for a moment that you are lucky since the permit has a suspension notice with it. To make things work again for yourself you are supposed to request a hearing in the next 15 days. Failure to do so invokes an automatic suspension upon expiry of a 40-day period from the day the arrest was made.

Contact The Law Offices Of Jim Butler

You now see why you need Mr. Butler for your DWI charge?  

Am sure you do having examined the hell that a DWI can take you to. Once again remember Butler Law Firm has been registered for 24 years now. All the more reason you need them not just to guide you through the process but to safeguard all your rights as well in the course of this process. Public transport comes at great inconvenience and strain. Imagine taking a bus to work or when running errands. And how are you supposed to do your shopping and make other family travels?

This will not affect only you but your family as well. You can avoid this stress by getting in touch with Mr. butler once you have been slapped with an arrest. Mr. Butler always insists that all legal proceedings in his clients’ cases are conducted with strict adherence to the law. All evidence is processed as it is supposed to by the book. At the same time the firm will contact the district attorney’s office to let you know all the available options for your case. Let the experts help you.

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